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The Fu*king Penguins! Introductional Story Concept

The first game that are build with GNSH is here.

Short Description about “The Fu*king Penguins!’’ 2020 Concept

The very early idea it was, long time ago. Now its work in progress. The game is weird and unique, crazy and with good soundtrack. It is a bizzare vibe, you will love it. The main character is called Pencube. Might get to see Pencube in upcoming memes. Lets see what we can manage with that later on. #9gaggames

I decided also to show you early on concept art, which the older days was a few. For an example lets see the Pencube character buildup ideas.


Story concept:

Antarctica is an empty and harsh place for penguins, polarbears, seals, and  albatrosses. All animals have special characteristics, and they are part of the game economy and its storyline.

The storyline begins by emmersing you into the dull and windy landscape of Antarctica.

Building mechanics

You will play as a penguin and see antartica through the Penguin’s eyes. You will have a large beak that you will use to break an icewall to carve out cubes from the ice. When you peck enough ice to form icecubes, you can then build domehouses. You will also be able to carve a big city inside the ice wall. However, you cannot build domehouses inside the icewall. You can only build domehouses outside the icewall from the icecubes you create. The domehouses provide a home for wandering penguins. These wandering penguins play a vital role in your colony as they will fish for you when you feed them. They can be essential to your colony surviving. With domehouses in the open, they are at risk for being attacked by bears, seals, and killerwhales. Therefore, you must create a good relationship with predator bosses for protection. Otherwise, no dome houses, no penguins, no fish, no romance and you will.

Romance mechanics

You need to thrive and fulfil the monopoly goals to gain romance perks. Thats the life on wall street. If you have no reputation, you need to make yourself known in other ways. You can build your reputation by starting a thriving colony, secure the arctic life, and make a good economy to ensure the happiness for all the animals. If you succeed in building enough domes, attracting penguins, and providing protection for the colony, you get to choose your partner for life. However, choose wisely because every female penguin has a special perk to offer. Some female penguins provide you with extra penguins for a period of time. This ensures you have plenty of penguins to hunt for fish for the colony. Other female Penguins give you a 10%  increase in your income. Once you choose your mate for life, you cannot change your mate afterwards. Choose with care and wisdom.  If you are having a hard time choosing your mate, make sure to talk with Elder Seals about which female would be best for the colony.



Fish and Shrimp are assets to the economy. You can use the fish and shrimp to bargain with the predator bosses for different perks and protection for the colony. The more fish and shrimp you catch, the more perks and protection you can get from the predator bosses. 100 Shrimp is equal to 1 Fish. You can progressivly earn fish and shrimp each day. Then you will need to make daily drops to the arctic bosses to form a good relationship.

Polar Bears (Protection)

Polar Bears come to your colony, asking for fish, on a daily basis. You can use your diplomacy skills to avoid the payment for some time and even to buy yourself some time. However, eventually they will become aggressive and predatory. To include them in the economy, you must pay them. Then they will get involved in your colony and help it thrive if you make them happy. As they evolve, they will make you happy as well. It means, if you pay them, they leave you alone. It is like in the old times. They are simple, old-school fellows.

Obey them and feed them – They wont attack you. Use diplomacy skills – You buy yourself some time to pay them or they will attack. Do not obey and do not feed them – They attack you.

Other Peckers (penguins)

You need to build Domehouse houses in your colony for wandering penguins to live. If you have available rooms for them, they start living in your colony. They can catch shrimp and fish. They are the main income workers for your empire. If the Domehouses are destroyed by predators, you will lose the workers and sometimes you will lose some fish. It is not good  if you want to thrive. Therefore, you need to pay the predators,so they won’t destroy the domehouses, and you will continue to attract wandering penguins that will contribute to your colony. It is all based on equidity.

House them – They will catch fish and shrimp that are used as a bargaing chip for protection and perks.

Killer Sharkanouts (whales)

They attack, not only you, but they hunt the seals too. In order for you to stay safe, you will need to become friends with the Elder Seal. If you become friends, you will be provided protection as you both have the same enemy, the Killer Whale.

Arctic Seals

You can make deals with Elder Seals. Younger Seals respect them and listen to the Elderly. Sometimes younger seals attacks the colony, but when you have a good relationship with Elder Seals, they make you good deals and offer insurance. The Elder Seals also provide you with wisdome and tips on how to thrive more. Your wealth is their wealth, so they help you with diplomacy skills as well. If you help the seals when they are being attacked by Killer whales, they will be good to you as well. You cannot handle younger seals, they are agressive goons and uncontrollable. To have some kind of insurance, you will need to have a good diplomacy reputation with the Elder Sea, l who is the boss of the younger Seals. If you Feed the Elder Seal, he will provide you with wisdom, tricks, and knowledge. He will also provide aid when younger seals attack your colony. He will give you some fish to get by. You will still have some losses, but it won’t be as bad vs if you were not friends with the elder seal. The elder seal is smart because he is working on both sides. Do not anger the Elder Seal. Hhe is your only lips of wisdom.  Accept as he is in order to keep a good relationship and be friends.


You can use them as your mail carrier to deliever loot. They can deliver fish to where you would normally go.However, they do require a small fee for their service.   You can pay them with shrimpfor delivering diplomacy offers. You can pay them with Fish for delivering daily drops to the bosses, so you do not have to make it manually every day.

Imagine Albatrosses fly over you singing Vitas Dedication and bringin you loot. I knoooow riiight?


Polar bears

They start as four-legged predators, but after the penguin starts an economy and makes diplomatic deals with them, they transform into two legged mafia bears offering protection in exchange for fish.

Arctic Seals

Youngsters are good for farming and hunting jobs. Whereas the Elders are more diplomatic and offer different deals.


Giant flying birds who can deliver messages and loot to other colonies.

Killer Whales (Willy is boss)

Very agressive and have huge impact on the economy.  They know how to destroy. To avoid the whales, you must give them a lot of fish to keep them calm and satisfied.


Fishing Rods / Nets

Fishing rods and nets are Common. You need these to fish more effectively. It boosts your fishing skills.


You can give this to the peasant penguins. They use the icepicks to farm icecubes to build domehouses. However, they can not farm the icecubes as fast as you, but this is a way to automate the harvesting of icecubes so you can do other things.


With iceskates, you can iceskate on the ice and become faster on ice.

MP3 Player / Pulse

You can listen to good songs and boost your colonies happiness with music. Some animals with ask you to even plan a party for them, which results in you getting upgrades for the colony. Every party you plan will increase your levels and make your reputation better. The animals will also be working together as music unites them.

Bears can lift hard items, dance like oldschool mobs, and you can see seals breakdancing.

Sleeping Pills

When you need to end the day or night cycle, just use sleeping pills. When you give these to the bosses, you will win a day or two.


If you are out of fish, but you have brownies, you can give these to the bosses to win fish for a whole week. However, only use this in very critical times as to not waste.


You can wear a tie, sunglasses, and different outfits. You can gift them to the bosses to wear them at parties you host. They dance in these outfits, and it is fun to see.


A firestick is a legendary item. You can gift this to the Elder to build your reputation. He now can light a cigar and smoke it.



You can watch how the bosses dance. You can give them outfits as gifts. They will dance with clothing on , and it will make them do more cooler dance moves.

When you dance with cool outfits on, you attract more females to the colony.

Smoke & Drink

If you smoke with the bosses, they may allow you some time where you don’t have to pay them any fish for their protection and perks.

If you drink with the bosses, you could gain a positive reputation and build a better relationship with them if its a social drinking. However, if you drink too much, you could get a bad reputation becuase you will become aggressive. Be aware.



When you gain your romance skills, you can gift your stone to any female to mate for life. Every female has characteristics she can bring to the colony such as different upgrades and boosts.The higher the romance rating, the better the perks she comes with. Choose wisely.


When you learn diplomacy skills, you will be able to negotiate better offers, better daily drops, and you will have a better business relationship with the bosses.It also gives you boosts.


The more your colony grows with buildings and penguins, the more bonuses you will receive, along with different boosts and upgrades. You gain experience with every cube you harvest. Unlock different building experiences, and you can build faster, better, and more creative structures.


If you collect human artifacts, you can boost your fishing skills. This will result in catching more shrimp and fish.

If you catch any goldfish, they are worth 100 regular fish.

Game Dynamics

The game enviroment is large enough for exploring, it might come with random generation, but it is not a needed trait. The core focus is on the sound and visuals, with simple mechanics of building and strategy creation. Your success rate is based upon the skills you acquire and how well your enonomy flourishes. Your goal is to create passive income as well as any other goals you set for yourself. Unforseen surprises will be thrown your way, which can mess with your progression. However, it causes more fun than rage, so you wont get bored. At the same time, your actions affect your progress and what happens in the storyline. You have choices and you get to choose how you will handle different situations. This makes for a unique game for every player as they get to choose their penguins destiny. In this simple, yet exciting combination of options, you are the master of your path. Enjoy and have fun building your penguin’s colony. We will keep you posted about the proccess which right now are keeped under pillows. 🙂

We want to use Vitas soundtrack in the game:

So… we need to contact Vitas….

Also Some more files:

FILE: Penguins_screenplay

FILE: Penguins Storyline

Accepted Payments:

GNSH, DUB, CAKL, ELON and more to come.