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GNSH Updates 03.03.2021


We currently working with our branding. We just recieved our new Little Ganesha mascot. We use little Ganesha as our branding, you can see little ganesha grow to adult in the upcoming years. We are just starting.


This plan to reveal roadmap ideas coming in a month. Then we show the steps we’re gonna walk in our direction. Prolly what we can do at this point is to hashtag some mystic plans. We announce three games. In the same time we are aiming ganeshaswap.

#startup #gamify #petstake #NFTnetwork #games


We have many friends who supports our doings and they gladly help our community to grow better. Will be revealed soon. Need some time for working out the partnership details.


We are waiting some basic things to do first with , audit and liquidity. After these things we are gonna list token to uniswap and later on to other swap networks. Have considered also mercatox and as i write these pinpoints in the same time i am trying to work out partnerships with the one i just mentioned. Theres some fees for that and we are under the budget right now, because we have not sold tokens on market yet, reason is we want to first make things correct and then we launch. Also we are hoping to find early on investor, so we can boost our project without delays and sadness. We hope to find that from Dubai.

At the moment, thats it. Wait for more to come. We are making huge steps with small effort right now. After the presale, we are making no effort at all because our finance matters will get better. It’s gonna be awsome path in our lives.

We are searching early investors right before we are launch our token to uniswap exchange. After that we are listing on mercatox, 1inch, pancake etc.

Please do write investment whish to info[at]ganeshatoken.com – thanks.

In time we are adding more social networks, but meanwhile you easily can find latest updates on website, twitter and telegram.