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    Trended Token

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    Diamond Hands

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Ganeshatoken greets new partners !

What we are seeking?

We make awsome game concepts and other things. We could partnership your project with GANESHA TOKEN. We could blog about the process and announce partnerships as good for both parties.  Well, Project has good vibes because we calmy believe that what we do, we do it awsome.

So what Ganesha can do for your project? Well, we intend to find good partners, we love to hype your awsome project. If its not so awsome, we help you to get it awsome. We are good community with whish to make it all better for everyone. Ideas for partnership are many. One way is making anime, but we also sell smart contracts, building ganeshaswap, selling nft collectibles, making games and marketing other projects soon, so each update we can announce it in blog, let the word out, hype the network of friends and partnerships. We have recieved letters from other token owners too, we accept other tokens if they are in fit with our vibes and understanding. We need majory people in chat community intrested so owners could see if you like the hype of partnership announced?  If you like this idea of partnership, please be kind and say it. In the same time Ganesha has done so much within a week, so theres so much heat going on, that would be great for sure if we let the community thrive, we havent market and said a word yet.  We will soon promote ganesha and start recieving the community members. First we search private investor holders and then we want partnerships so if we go public with promo, we can announce the partnerships and talk about their projects. Good for both parties. We have planned some GNSH half-kinda-burn events. So we send GNSH tokens to Vitali, thats pretty safu yes? We think so.  Good hype bothways. Vitali is nice guy.  Like Keanu almost. This is Not pronounced public yet, soon to be. Use the main e-mail for private investor offers, be prepared to lock the tokens.

Whats with the name?

If you asking about the name, then no need to worry, because we are not the kind of people would use this sorely in bad purpose, in contriary theres a story behind this project. I am Ganesha worshipper myself. Well I have prayed and sacrificed my ego. It’s just we have this understanding. This gives me my lifes dream come true and i know who stands behind my back and who was the great one who helped me in my crisis when i suffered from depression and empty sadness. It was Ganesha, in my reality we have this relationship and I know it myself why i loved to use this name. No harm to other people, only for those who got aggressive and do not get it, they need to work with themselves more. True awarness do not seek evil or good, it just is what it is. Well thats just what I believe, no harm intended to nobody, but people are different level, thats just a fact. No need to get aggressive when you are enlightnened person. 

Whitelist accepted, private investor sale coming within a week or two i heard. Uniswap, Mercatox, 1inch Exchanges are the first ones. Then community votelist power announced which they use for votepower for their projects like videogame concepts, nft items, smart contract marketships, anime etc. We will have a great time together and you will see little Ganesh to grow adult with your love. Good luck to you, and be strong GNSH holder! We will also open Blockchain Temple for helping real life temples out of good deeds. Just seems right thing what to do and so we do it because we can. Be friendly and nice.


Let us know what is your project and our crew will seek possible partnerships together. Write us to info[at]ganeshatoken.com