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New Game Updates: The Fu*king Penguins!

Short Description about “The Fu*king Penguins!’’ Concept and development phases. We update and reveal more as we go beyond.


Survival “minecraft” on Antarctica with some fu*king penguins! We do not care if you do not uunderstand it right away. We want it to be a surprise! We also need some PEGI for the game, it willl cause some bad-mouthed attitude because its Awsome and Badass motherfu*king arctic economy strategy survival diplomacy awsoooome new-age blockchain game. If you want similar game attitude, well try to google Postal 2. We seek copywriters and videogame concept artists, writers, promoters etc. Write us.

Storyline goes…

Antarctica is an empty and harsh place for penguins, polarbears, seals, and albatrosses. All animals have special characteristics, and they are part of the game economy and its storyline. The storyline begins by emmersing you into the dull and windy landscape of Antarctica. You just got rejected from your first love experience, now keep the dull up and start exploring the territory you just wandered, fu*ker. Start diplomacy with polar bears and other predators or you are… well you know. Keep the ice up and build an economy, so the bit*es and riches come forth. You are the king.

Whatš it about?

You will play as a characted Pencube and see ways to civilize the predators and to have somebody to love. With your large beak you break an ice to carve cubes from the ice. Badass ability. When you peck enough ice to form icecubes, you can then build domehouses. The domehouses provide a home for wandering penguins. These wandering penguins play a vital role in your colony as they will fish for you when you feed them. They can be essential to your colony surviving. With domehouses in the open, they are at risk for being attacked by bears, seals, and killerwhales. Therefore, you must create a good relationship with predator bosses for protection. Otherwise, no dome houses, no penguins, no fish, no romance and you will. If you give pickaxes to the worker penguins, they will harvest ice faster, but if you do not have them, you also can start pecking some ice with your legendar-il-y weird beak.

Romance has a Perks!

You finish some economy monopoly to gain romance perks. Thats the life on wall street. If you not have the look, atleast have some shrimps and a decent suit. — You build your reputation by starting a colony, secure arctic life and make a good economy for better life. If you succeed you get to choose a partner for life. However, choose wisely because female penguin has a special perks to offer. Some provide you with extra peckers for a period of time. Oh they are naughty ones, but you know how to use it at your advance. This ensures you have plenty of penguins to fish for the colony. Other female give you a 10% increase of your income. They know how to keep the worker happy again. What is it with the bit*hes. Well, you will met your true one. Again, its you that decide which woman you choose. Are you romantic or monopolist? Once you choose your mate for life, you cannot change your mate afterwards. We want this somehow on blockchain transacted. Choose with care and wisdom. If you are having hard time choosing, make sure to talk with Elder about which female would be best for the colony of yours imagination.

And thats about it right now. As a sneakpeak for the concept going on.

What we find in the economy? Blockchain minted Shrimps and Fish!


Fish and the shrimps are used as assets to the economy. You can use fish and shrimp to bargain deals with the predator bosses for perks and protection for your colony. The more fish and shrimp you catch the more perks and protection you get from the predator bosses. 10 Shrimp is equal to 1 Fish. You can earn shrimp each day. When you have 11 SHRIMP then it converts it to 1 FISH and 1 SHRIMP.

We want to use blockchain asset called SRMP which we have smart contracted token here: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf8485fa38d08c933bb4321c98bfdae615e0c23de

We want to use asset called FISH which we have smart contracted token here: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf86a178b31c525223308ac5cab68597b2c87637f

Game intregated possibly with Smart Network. You can purchase different perks and assets with GNSH token. Well try to make it happen.